Testimonials From Satisfied Solo Scientific Inc. Customers. MADE IN USA !

Iíve honestly never seen a flint throw off that much of a spark before (Tim uses our 2SA model) as a mountaineer, weight is always a major concern with us, an ounce can feel like a pound at 20,000 feet so the light weight of the aurora fire starter is never a concern when Iím packing for a big climb knowing the aurora firestarter is in my backpack always gives me piece of mind which is real important when your heading off to climb Mt. Everest.

Tim Wayne medvetz - Mountain climber and Explorer

This is the third product I am ordering from you. I love everyone I have gotten so far. Your products are superior to anyone else's.

Best, Henriette

I love it. absolutely love it. it works, however, can I obtain additional tinder holder-gizmos from you folks. one isn't enough and would like to have sever spares. (the little gizmo that goes in the center and holds the tinder). love it. thanks


Wow what a cool knife, thanks for the fast shipping.


See link below to read an Aurora Fire Starter 2SA Review By Outdoor Life Magazine - Written By Survival Expert Tim MacWelch. http://survival.outdoorlife.com/blogs/survivalist/2014/02/survival-gear-review-aurora-2sa-fire-starter

ion flashlight firestarter review: http://instinctsurvivalist.com/gear-review-ion-flashlight-firestarter/

Hello There,

Firstly I want to thank you for the 440c I've just received (24hrs after ordering online). It's a gift for my husband's 30th birthday, his face lit up and he proceeded within moments to eliminate several cotton balls on our (thankfully) stainless steel kitchen table. Ten seconds later, your 440c had earned the rarified distinction of permanent keychain residency. As a newly married couple, you have no idea how grateful I am to find a gift that has earned his respect so swiftly. He has very high standards, low-quality tools tend to disentegrate by his hands. To sum up, thank you again for the superior companion we've found in this seemingly indestructible humble tool. We enjoy being advocates for emergency preparedness and will continue to share your product with friends and family. You have two new lifelong customers as far as I'm concerned. Time to start marking up the family Christmas lists...

Sincerely, Anna & Rob

Great job guys ! Started my camp fire with some toilet paper and my ion last weekend and it worked great! Really handy tool with the light. Keep up the good work!

Rick - Charlotte, North Carolina

Really like my ion flashlight firestarter, very well built. I purchased it to keep in my airplane for emergencies but have been using it regularly. Please put me on your mailing list.

H. Brock - Los Angeles, CA,

Hi Andy, It was nice speaking with you when i ordered my fire starter. I did like you said and got most of the black off while learning how to use it. I was so shocked to see the amount of sparks it put out. Thank you for the u g. That was so kind of you. I have been practicing with it....I do great now...yea! OK Alaska here we come!

Thank you again Andy, Very satisfied customer.

Connie F....Punta Gorda, FL


We got the fire starters and have tested them (they have our 2SA Models). You can see a couple videos on FB of us testing them. We will be putting these up, with a review on our site in short order. Great product. NDO Approved!

Thank you for your support, Curtis Jasa Navy Diver Olympics, Pres. www.navydiverolympics.com


Note: the Navy Diver Olympics (recently renamed The Navy Diver Challenge) is an event where Navy Seals and Soldiers from other branches of the military compete to determine the toughest soldier in the military !

Also from the Navy Diver Olympics staff:


Great igniters guys. Durable, functional and well designed. I donít know if you knew it or not but a lot of team guys like your fire starters too.

Andy, ( 2010-01-16 )

After careful and extensive field testing in the northern Canadian bush, the Aurora Fire Starter has recieved a three thumbs up including a five star rating from Quebec's expert outdoorsman and winter survival tactician, Trapper John! Trapper John's entire team of outdoorsmen, all specially trained veteran military personnel are excited about the Aurora Fire starter, saying that it is a true survival tool, a life saver and a must have for every outdoors sportsman and sportswoman ( A five star rating is the highest rating given to any product ever to be evaluated by Trapper John and associates! )

Congratulations Andy!

Thank you for your fast and efficient service, delivered to my door within about 5 days (Australia) and the Aurora fire starter is certainly a quality bit of gear. 5 star rating.

Many thanks, mick Port Macquarie, Australia

Yes, thank you. I received it yesterday. My husband loves the product! It is fantastic! Any idea when the flare attachment comes out?

Best Regards, Mrs. Nancy Rodriguez

I recently bought one of your fire starters, I am wondering if you would give me permission to show it at our Commitee meeting. Let me back up and tell you I am The leader of troop and Pack 158 walker Louisiana. I tried this weekend and was amazed how well it works I would also like to add a link to it on the site I am currently building for the troop. please contact me back i think every Scout should have this.

Jason Johnson

Dear Sirs, thanks for the timely delivery. Product was everything you said it was and more. very happy with my purchase. Dan B.

Hello Andy,

In the three days since I sent my payment for the last supply of Auroras, I sold my last two. So if you havenít received the check, Iíd think it would arrive tomorrow. Now that summer is getting going, Iíll go with my optimistic gut and this time order two dozen (Iíve already got one fellow whoís waiting for my resupply). I hope all continues to go well for you, and that all your customers are as satisfied as I am with the quality and popularity of your product.

Thanks, and Iíll talk to you soon. Peter Wilson

Hello Solo Scientific

I recently purchased an Aurora-Fire-Starter from www.Americanmadesurvival.com. I am very happy with my product and hope to use it this weekend. I wanted to say thank you for making your product in the USA. I hope you keep making fine products in the USA. I do my best to by only USA made items.

Please keep up the great work From Jessie

The Aurora Fire Starter and Solo Scientific Customer Service are equally impressive.

With best regards, Gregory

Just received my Aurora Fire Starter & pouch and would like to say thank you. The quality is awesome and the postage was quick. Iím in Melbourne Australia and I know that my mates will all want one now.

Regards, Paul.

Thank you guys

wow!!! One of the reasons why I love America is that you actually all care about customers, I really admire that. Here in EU, customer has little if no rights at all. I've got my Fire Starter today, it's like 4 days after I've ordered it, I can't express enough satisfaction to you guys, although small purchase with no meaning, I'm really amazed by service. When I order something in my country, it takes from week to 3 or more weeks before delivery.

I'm really happy to be your customer. Thanks Vladimir

Thank you for your quick response. My iphone is my only source of internet and it can be difficult navigating around web sites, but i did eventually find it after i sent the email. I will order these tomorrow. With a great product like this along with your amazing customer service, I feel you guys will do very well. Thanks again.



You guys are all right. I just received my "Made in USA" (a big plus) , aurora fire starter. You guys only charged me 3.50 for shipping which was much better than the site where I came across this item first and upon checkout, they wanted like 10.50 for ground shipping.

After checking out this solidly built item, verifying that it does produce tons of sparks, I promptly put it away in one of my plastic boxes with all of my other treasures. If I ever venture outside of my house, I might even take it with me. The main thing is that it is really "cool".


received thanks!!!! everything i had hoped and more!!!!