Putrello Lift Assist Work Belt By Solo Scientific (Patented)

Putrello Lift Assist Work Belt By Solo Scientific (Patented)
Putrello Lift Assist Work Belt By Solo Scientific (Patented)
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Putrello Lift Assist Work Belt By Solo Scientific (Patented)
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Created By Solo Scientific and MADE IN THE USA the Putrello Lift Assist Work Belt (Patented) is the first back support belt to incorporate a weight bearing ledge that transfers the weight of the object being carried away from the back and arms.In addition our vertical load leverage reducer system eliminates ledge tilting and discomfort in the stomach area and prevents the shoulder straps from being pulled forward under load. The built-in weight bearing ledge is used to support and carry boxes or other objects and provides excellent rigidity and resistance to leverage force that results from having an object extended and positioned in front of one's body. The Putrello Lift Assist Work Belt (Patented) also includes a shoulder strap elastic connector to prevent shoulder strap slippage and with it's light weight aircraft aluminum weight bearing ledge is a major advance in belt technology - weight bearing ledge also includes a non-slip strip. Navigate up stairs, through door ways, and, into trucks with ease. No more wrestling with boxes and trying to rest them on the top of your belt-buckle to get relief while waddling like a duck!


During use the user secures the Putrello Lift Assist Work Belt (Patented) to their torso using adjustable Velcro fasteners on the waist belt and shoulder harnesses (one size fits all). Specifications: 4 inch wide reinforced adjustable belt, 3 inch wide adjustable shoulder straps, aircraft aluminum weight bearing ledge, total weight 1.84 lbs

Warning: This Product May Contain A Chemical Known To The State Of California To Cause Cancer, Or Birth Defects Or Other Reproductive Harm.