Olive Wood Combat Rosary By Solo Scientific

Olive Wood Combat Rosary By Solo Scientific
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Product Description

This Olive Wood Rosary features a metal Crucifix, metal Blessed Virgin Mary, and metal St. Benedict medal for triple protection!

The Our Father beads are also metal with Jesus on one side and the Blessed Virgin Mary on the other side - incredible detail on all metal parts. Metal parts hand-made in Italy, super strong black waxed nylon cord - extremely strong and durable and the knots will NOT come apart like on cheap rosaries. Many inexpensive rosaries have wooden crosses that break and wooden (or do not have) our father beads. Some inexpensive rosaries have knots for our father beads!

St. Benedict is the go-to saint for protection against evil and is combined with The Blessed Virgin Mary in this Rosary.

In addition, you will also notice that the 7th bead on the first decade is blue in honor of the Blessed Virgin Mary and to assist in the powerful 7 Graces Prayer. How to say the Rosary and 7 Graces Prayer instructions included.

In these difficult and unpredictable times this Rosary is the perfect companion.

Be armed and ready with this powerful weapon. Built strong enough for a war zone! Hand-made in our NY factory!

We are men of Science that believe!


Available for a limited time!